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The Power of Hope

(HCI Books, 2010)
The essential, accessible self-help resource for anyone seeking greater empowerment, connection, healing, or spiritual growth. The must-read inspirational book for 2010.

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Hope in the Age of Anxiety

(Oxford Univ. Press, 2009)
The definitive resource for serious hope enthusiasts and would-be "hope providers" including scholars, parents, educators, healthcare providers, physicians, chaplains, CEO's, or coaches.

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Hope. What is this thing which "perches in the soul" and "never stops at all"? What is this "waking dream"? Psychologists and philosophers as well as poets and healers have been pondering this question for over two thousand years. If you share a passion for hope. If you would like to know what hope is, where it comes from, how it develops, and why it sometimes fades, then you have found the right place. Gainhope.com is a site devoted to a better understanding of hope.

My name is Dr. Anthony Scioli. I am a clinical psychologist who has been studying hope for more than a decade. My goal has been to develop a general theory of hope that will combine the best insights of scientists and philosophers as well as poets and writers, and weave them into one large interdisciplinary tapestry.

For the past several years I have been working with another clinical psychologist, Dr. Henry Biller, on a hope book for the general public. Our aim is to provide a resource that is both scientifically grounded as well as practically useful. Dr. Biller and I share a longstanding interest in positive human development. As scholar-practitioners, we are able to draw on a considerable body of research that we have accumulated over the years, as well as our personal experiences as clinicians helping adults, children, and families.

I believe that the most profound expressions of the human spirit derive from hope. The greatest works of art and the best books as well as the most enduring wonders of the ancient world, as well as the Olympics, Baseball, and Soccer - all of these human achievements share a common denominator- they bring more hope into the world.

You will find seven types of information on this site.

  • Take the Adult Hope Test to discover your current level of hope (state hope) as well as your long-term capacity for maintaining a hopeful outlook (trait hope).
  • Child/Teen Hope Test is for children and teens ages 7 to 17.
  • The Book page is a brief summary of our definitive book on hope, Hope in the Age of Anxiety.
  • About the Authors is a summary of our credentials and contact information. " Hope Lessons are short summaries of our book chapters.
  • Why Oprah Loves Steinbeck Here you can learn about the hope content in East of Eden and Great Expectations as well as one of van Gogh's most famous paintings and the greatest romantic films.
  • The Research Archives is for those who are interested in the research and science of hope.
  • Hope Tip #1: Take the Hope Test

At this point I recommend that you go to the next webpage and take one or both parts of the Hope Test.

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