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Workplace Hope Assessment 

The Workplace Environment Hope Scale is designed to assess the extent to which a workplace environment fosters the four cardinal elements of hope: attachment, survival, mastery, and spirituality.


The inspiration for the development of the WP-Hope was primarily, Scioli’s model of hope, and secondarily, the work of Ludema et al. (1997), and Carlsen et al. (2012) on “horizons of relational possibility”.

The contents of this scale were derived using formal test development procedures to assure reliability and validity. 


Norms are based on responses from 250 full-time, non-remote workers.


The final set of items were selected by reviewing employee ratings of the level of importance associated with specific (hope-related) elements of the workplace.


Five scores are provided.

  • Workplace Hopefulness Score  (Overall)

  • Workplace Trust Score

  • Workplace Support Score

  • Workplace Empowerment Score

  • Workplace Spirit Score


Scale Length: 16 Items

Time Required: 3 Minutes

Fee: Negotiated


Examples of Applications

  • Program evaluation and/or development

  • Employee recruitment and retention

  • Human Resource (Institutional) wellness monitoring

  • Public relations and marketing

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